Putting your child first every time.

We provide a warm, safe, welcoming and stimulating environment where all children are encouraged by key persons to achieve their individual potential. Where children can explore and experiment without fear of failure to reach their full potential – by active exploration and discovery through play.

We provide a specially tailored curriculum to suit each child’s needs, to help them to reach their full potential. In all aspects of their development, appropriate challenges are set so that each child is motivated, enjoys learning and has fun. This will help them towards independence and decision making, at their own pace.

We promote understanding, kindness and tolerance of others, which will help to develop an understanding of society by encouraging respect, understanding and co-operation.

We nurture self-confidence, self-esteem and encourage independence.

We provide a warm welcome where all members of staff at the Centre can make full use of available resources. This creates a partnership where staff, parents, management committee and other members of the community see themselves as part of a team working for the benefit of the children and the centre.

We encourage parents and carers to become actively involved in their child’s education, both at the centre and at home. Children’s learning is supported by a highly motivated team including the support of Emma Gallagher, Senior Key Person, (BA Honours in Education and Childcare) working alongside Waltham Forest Early Years Advisory Teachers.

We work within the EYFS framework which includes equality of opportunity for all our children and their families whilst recognising that everyone is unique.

We are fully committed to safe guarding all children within our care.